A new 35,000 sq ft headquarters office building in the heart of St James's.
A new 35,000 sq ft headquarters office building in the heart of St James's.

A tailored HQ for a business that appreciates the finer details.

The Marq is an elegantly designed office building in the heart of St James’s and the perfect marriage of form and function. It will be one of the first WELL Shell and Core Gold Certified buildings in the UK and stands as an innovative example of contemporary buildings from The Crown Estate.

Our portfolio is continuously being developed with our customer’s needs in mind.

The Building

The Marq’s exquisite artwork draws you in as you are greeted by a dynamic double-height entrance, and an Italian marbled floor that wraps up the wall, creating a sense of movement.

With flexible, column free floors and an abundance of natural light, all floors enjoy a corner aspect overlooking Jermyn Street, and floors 4 and 6 have a terrace. The customer facilities on the lower basement include cycle parking, private showers and changing rooms, all designed with wellness in mind.

  • New build
  • 35,460 sq ft across 6 floors
  • Column free floorplates
  • Demised terraces on 4th and 6th floors
  • 2.75m floor to ceiling height
  • Luxury changing room and shower facilities in the basement
  • 4 ISP connections into the building and each floor.
    No need for wayleaves
  • Wiredscore Certified
  • BREEAM Outstanding*
  • EPC A*



Level 64,223 sq ft | 392 sq m742 sq ft | 69 sq m
Level 55,878 sq ft | 546 sq m
Level 45,891 sq ft | 547 sq m570 sq ft | 53 sq m
Level 36,562 sq ft | 510 sq m
Level 26,575 sq ft | 611 sq m
Level 16,331 sq ft | 588 sq m
Reception727 sq ft | 68 sq m
Total36,187 sq ft | 3,262 sq m

4,223 sq ft | 392 sq m


742 sq ft | 69 sq m


5,878 sq ft | 546 sq m


5,891 sq ft | 547 sq m


570 sq ft | 53 sq m


6,562 sq ft | 510 sq m


6,575 sq ft | 611 sq m


6,331 sq ft | 588 sq m


727 sq ft | 68 sq m


36,187 sq ft | 3,262 sq m


The Marq will be one of the first buildings in the UK to be awarded WELL Certification by the International WELL Buildings Institute and is designed to create a healthier environment for everyone in the building.

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Access to daylight supports natural circadian rhythms and healthy sleep. The Marq has been designed with full height glazing to ensure that every floor enjoys good levels of natural daylight.
WELL Certified buildings make it easier for employees to build healthy activities into their daily routines. The Marq has 54 cycle spaces and the shower facilities are excellent, with five male and four female showers.
Noise can be an unwelcome distraction at work. It’s stressful and damages productivity. We have installed high-performance double-glazing throughout The Marq, and taken measures to reduce mechanical noise and vibration.
We all feel healthier and more alert in well-ventilated spaces. We have invested in materials and filtration to achieve excellent indoor air quality at The Marq. The fresh air supply rate to the offices is 50% above minimum recommended levels.
The Marq’s two terraces, on the 4th and 6th floors, will be green, calm and relaxing areas. These outdoor spaces will incorporate landscaping amongst fixed seating.
We have found ways to put people in charge of their own thermal comfort without the need to adjust the overall room or building temperature, for example, we are installing blinds on all windows.
Even low levels of dehydration can affect cognitive performance. We’ve ensured that all water supplied to amenity areas, toilets and other facilities is potable so everyone can access drinking water when and where they need it.

Architecture & Design

The Marq delivers contemporary new landmark office building to St James’s with a striking double frontage and uncompromising design features throughout.

The Marq has been designed and crafted with attention to every detail. Finished in the highest quality Portland stone and brick, it moves the architectural language of St James’s forward, with eloquence and sensitivity.

The artwork takes you on a journey that flows from the street into the building, embracing and welcoming customers and their visitors.
Jacqueline Poncelet


St James’s has established itself as an enclave of classical traditions and authentic styles. The restaurants here are the best and the shops distinctive and unique, from Michelin-starred dining to bespoke shoes, St James’s is an area that inspires.


Restaurants and Cafés

  1. Cafe Murano
  2. The Wolseley
  3. Le Caprice
  4. Wiltons Restaurant
  5. 45 Jermyn St.
  6. Chutney Mary
  7. ‘O ver
  8. Imperial Treasure


  1. White Cube
  2. Christie’s London
  3. The London Library
  4. Royal Academy of Arts
  5. Chatham House


  1. Alfred Dunhill
  2. Turnbull & Asser Bespoke
  3. Aquascutum
  4. Berry Bros. & Rudd
  5. John Lobb
  6. Paxton & Whitfield


  1. Equinox
  2. Nordic Balance
  3. Ten Health & Fitness
    St. James’s


Join us in St James’s and see how its unique character can inspire your business.
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